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Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world. Education reduces poverty, empowers women and helps prevent disease.

We exist to help children realize their greatness.

GRACE Foundation is an NGO established to promote welfare activities, aimed at the alleviation of human sufferings and overall amelioration of society especially for the poor, helpless, weak and under privileged. This foundation is committed to provide relentless assistance to the disadvantage communities in India as its prime objective. This is achieved through a variety of programmes that address specific areas of need in those communities. This foundation is committed to achieve all its objectives and is well poised to achieve the same, through the Grass root Level Operational Strategies which help the foundation in having insight into the priorities and the needs of these sections of the society, especially in the rural and under developed areas.

Recognizing the high population growth rate of India, the GRACE Foundation is structured to help the Government in initiating programmes and processes that will benefit India's teeming population in different facets and also to help the under privileged through various skill acquisition programmes.

The commitment is also towards proper information dissemination as well as promotion of developmental initiatives as a way of responding to the needs of the marginalized and insufficiently represented segments of the nation.

GRACE Foundation addresses social issues such as illiteracy, child labour, health promotion and better living, women empowerment and vocational programmes for the physically impaired as well as the under privileged sections of the society. Since the youth of a nation are the representatives of the future hopes of that nation, GRACE Foundation is also geared to sensitize the youth, by imparting upon them education, training and other skills by conducting youth empowerment programmes that give them insight into governance, nation building and participation into political activities. Above all, they are constantly encouraged to focus on education and other such trainings as the major key for attaining meaningful heights in life.

GRACE foundation is committed to serve the society by living upto its motto of “TOGETHER WE MAKE THE DIFFERENCE “.



J.D. Khurana is a 70-year-old Retired Engineer from Gurgaon who has dedicated the past 10 years of his life in helping over 800 kids from underprivileged background get quality education FREE of cost.


Lakshmi is a 60-year-old elephant captured when she was a baby and illegally traded hands multiple times until she was recently rescued from a man who could not care less about her well-being.
Grace Foundation is Registered ,established and its income as eligible from taxation under Section 11 of the Income Tax Act ,1961.Funds for Public charitable purposes the benefits whereof if not restricted to any caste or religious community including

a. Relief of the poor.
b. Advancement of education.
c. Medical Relief.
d.Women Empowerment.