Distance, Vocational & Open Education

Courses conducted under National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC).

Open and Distance Learning (ODL) is a general term for the use of telecommunication to provide or enhance learning. Around the world, the academic community is discovering and exploring the Internet, teleconferencing, and related means to achieve an extended classroom or learning experience.

ODL is a system of education in which education is imparted to learners who may not be physically present on campus. Its philosophy is to remove barriers to education and allow learners to study according to their time, pace and place.

Open learning is an innovative movement in education that emerged in the 1970s and evolved into fields of practice and study. The term refers generally to activities that either enhance learning opportunities within formal education systems or broaden learning opportunities beyond formal education systems.


1. Educate the needy students with correct guidance & counseling.

2. Awareness about the various educational programs for growth & success .

3. Spreading the importance of Open distance learning thereby ensuring directly & indirectly seed of education is sown in each needy student.