Women Empowerment

Even after six decades of independence, the news of gender discrimination are not rare or uncommon in our country. We GRACE Foundation has committed itself to make all the efforts to eliminate this evil from the society and bridge the gap between the two genders.

Our society being a male dominant society for generations has given birth to classification of genders are superior and inferior, the women still being treated as lesser humans and the inferior or the secondary class.

We GRACE Foundation believe that the women are equally privileged children of God at par with the males, and hence they must enjoy equal and parallel economic, cultural and political opportunities.

GRACE Objective

GRACE Foundation is going to strategically start comprehensive programmes to spread the awareness by creating Self Help Groups. These Self Help Groups are supposed to bring to the fore and overcome the various hidden and less talked about aspects of gender discrimination, prevailing in the Indian society. These Self Help Groups are initially proposed to be formed in the Urban slum locations of Delhi and nearby areas. Since woman is a creature of equal importance, she need to participate in the decision making process which affects the families, society, and the nation at large

GRACE Foundation is planning to mechanize Woman Empowerment Programmes on the following lines.

1. Spreading awareness about the rights of women guaranteed by the Constitution of India and various other statutes, which will act as a catalyst in the process of confidence building of the women in the Indian Society.

2. To provide the platform in the form of various activities and programmes which provide market oriented vocational skills to the young girls and women.

3. Focus on the adult literacy with skill training, so as to enable them to generate income for themselves and their family.

4. Development of leadership qualities within the various communities, enabling them to connect to the mainstream life and take the best out of the various Government and non-Governmental projects designed to help them.

5. Spread the awareness among common people through involving women from project locations and using their skills thus generated for vocational purposes which will finally lead to make a better nation and a better society.