Institutional Care

At an estimate, over about 1,00,000 ( One Hundred Thousand) of children in Mumbai & Thane are deprived of a dignified life and due to the pressing circumstances are made to live on the streets, in need of shelter, care and food. As a part of its Institutional Care program, GRACE Foundation is committed to make all the possible efforts to make a difference to the lives of these children. Majority of such children are the street and run-away children, victims of child abuse, children of lifetime convicts, HIV/ AIDS patients, sex workers, and other vulnerable categories


GRACE Foundation has proposed to set up a Permanent Abode “GRACE Village” for these children and other people in the need of care and protection, which would cater to the requirement of the regular counseling, formal and vocational education and latent talent development. The proposed ‘GRACE Village’ is a dream project of the GRACE Foundation where these children would get individual love and attention, something which they have not got for a long time. They would also be equipped with life-skills to set them on the path to socio-cultural stability and economic independence.
Our mission is to care, nurture and vocationally rehabilitate these children who are deprived of love and support. Moreover the old aged and the mentally challenged would also find space in the “GRACE Village” which would provide institutional care in a family-like atmosphere - so that they can lead a mutually supportive and emotionally satisfying life in a community.


At GRACE Foundation, as an NGO, we can not stand the thought of turning Away individuals who need our services simply because we do not have sufficient space to accommodate them. Because of the increasing need for assistance in the local area, GRACE Foundation has committed to expanding our facility so that we may fully serve the needs of our community citizen who are in need of Love, care and protection.
In order to fulfill our mission, we need more space to carry out our activities. To get the space which we need to serve the community fully, we need the help of all the privileged members of the society. Consider supporting by making a donation to GRACE Foundation. All funds thus raised will be used to secure land and fund construction for our project. With this new space, we will be able to serve much more people each year, which will have a residual positive impact on the community as a whole.


Due to the space and finance constraints at present, GRACE Foundation is forced to work in collaboration/assistance with other organizations and institutions to achieve its goals. In this process the runaway or the abandoned children are directed to the partner Organizations where the necessary provision of academic education and vocational training is made, in addition to the Enhancement of life skills for negotiation and leadership training.
The Aged people in need of care and protection are helped and directed for their admittance through a due process in the available Old Age Homes and others such facilities working for them. These Old aged people are provided adequate preoccupations, necessary medical and other services as per the requirements.

GRACE Organization Structure

People are the core of GRACE foundation. Be it the Trustees who are the guardians of GRACE's ethos and members who steer the organization to its designated goals, or the employees and volunteers who use their commitment, time and skills to enable GRACE's work or our NGO partners, people who make extraordinary change possible through their work.
Striving hard with utmost dedication to achieve the goals set for itself, GRACE Foundation is blessed to have the ability to continually attract, retain and develop a cadre of talented, committed professionals who come from all walks of like and backgrounds. Chartered accountants, post-graduates in Social Work, communications professionals, bankers, HR specialists, salespeople, MBA-types, geeks, artists, writers, foodies from every ethnic, linguistic, religious and ideological persuasion.
This diversity, coupled with an unrelenting commitment to building a culture of openness, transparency, accountability and democracy within the organization is what makes GRACE. And the opportunities for personal and professional learning and growth are what attract and keep people in jobs that pay a fraction of their market value.