Mother Nature

Nature has always been an integral part of our existence – the Sun, the Mountains, the Animals; the Trees have always been revered and worshiped by us. Throughout the history of India the holy Rivers - The Ganges, Yamuna, Brahmaputra and others have always had special significance. For thousands of years these rivers have flowed enchanting everyone that walks on their banks. Cores of Indians are living on the banks of these Rivers.

The Foundation is working hard towards awakening and educating people about upkeep of rivers, lakes and other water bodies by organizing various activities having public participation so as to have a deep and wider reach.
At We believe in work which has public sense & acceptability to enrich lives with adoptable changes. This is a way to track the philosophical changes along with historical background and its direct applicability in today’s material world.
In today’s fast paced world we tend to get too involved in our own hectic lives to think about larger issues like the environment. To address these concerns pertaining to the Environment, GRACE Foundation is forming groups of enthusiasts who perform dedicated study in the fields of Environment Protection and Sustainable Development and disseminate information to the masses on the subject
We modestly request you to participate in this mission by giving donations and helping us to get sponsorships for the series of Programmes aimed at Environmental Protection and Growth.

Together we can make a difference.....